Cost Saving

Save 50% of the cost of category C ropinirole prescriptions by prescribing Repinex XL.2*

By prescribing Repinex® XL by brand, the average savings for ICS/ICB’s could still be approximately £49,475 per year, providing the NHS with a total potential annual prescribing cost saving of approximately £2 million.1

Repinex XL is part of the cost-saving prolonged-release product range from Aspire Pharma.

  • Over 50% saving on cost of Category C Drug Tariff price;2*
  • Available from all mainline wholesalers;
  • High level of stockholdings;
  • Price Guaranteed***
  • Bioequivalent to the originator.3
ProductCategory C UK Drug Tariff priceRepinex XL price
Ropinirole prolonged-release tablets 2mg x 28 £12.54£6.20
Ropinirole prolonged-release tablets 4mg x 28 £25.09£12.50
Ropinirole prolonged-release tablets 8mg x 28 £42.11£21.00
*50% saving on the cost of Category C ropinirole prolonged-release tablets in the UK Drug Tariff. **Savings based on market data in reference 1 for 42 ICS/ICB’s switching their generic and brand originator 2,4 and 8mg ropinirole prolonged-release tablet prescriptions to Repinex XL. ***No change in price subject to no material change to the products or Category C of the UK Drug Tariff until the 2026 VPAG review.
References 1) Insypher 10100831045 v 17.0 January 2024 GPPLPD Date Range: Jul-23 – Sep-23  2) February 2024 UK Drug Tariff. 3) Data on file. 1010067149 v 6.0 September 2023.


For further information please call: 01730 231148,
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Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at
Adverse events should also be reported to Aspire Pharma Ltd on 01730 231148

For more information about Repinex XL, please click here for the prescribing information.

Revision reference – Repinex XL_24_01.02.24

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